"POSMART" 305-84M
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POSMART 305-84M  
Interface type PS/2, USB
Key switch type Membrane Type
Method of  key code setting By download (Key mapper S/W available only for programming each of 98 keys)
Size 320(L) X 165(W) X 50(H) mm
Key stroke 2.5 ± 0.5mm
Key action POS 55±15g
Lifetime of key switch 10,000,000 times
No. of keys 98key (2-time key for horizontal, 2-time key for vertical, and 2-time key for horizontal and vertical available: Option)
1. Customer-made key arrangement  We change this POSpion 301 and develop a customer-made one.
2. Customer-made controller  We develop and supply a controller for a customer’s needs only so this is a programmable keyboard for the customer only, in which the customer’s ideas are reflected. It helps you with your work.